Hot Tub Repair Waukesha
Review by Margaret M. in Waukesha, WI
Project: Repair or Service a Hot Tub or Spa
Arrived on time, quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem that was a lack of power to the jets and lights. It was a $10 fuse, so an instant fix and I couldn’t be happier. Brian was able to give me potential costs for more major problems that I thankfully did not need. My place was for sale and I needed fast and reliable service. Got it with ASAP.
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  1. Linda Patton 6 years ago

    Your tub looks amazing!
    There are many methods available to repair the hot tub. But it is always better to get it repaired through professionals. Professionals have the experience in maintaining the tub in the right way so that the user never gets the same problem again. Walk in tubs Scottsdale team ( gives their best services in the hot tub repair and helps in the maintenance of the tub too. One can contact the professionals any time for the repairing or plumbing facilities and can get the tub repaired at an affordable cost.

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